Customized Strategy And Direct Support



Exclusively available for photographers who have completed The Academy, we offer 1:1 mentorship and group mentorship opportunities to help you implement strategy and scale your business. Each photographer has different goals — for some it's shooting all summer for clients along the Mediterranean, for others it's working with bigger clients and scaling their income. 

Our mentorships are designed to help you see the highest possibilities for your life, and to support you in hitting your professional and creative goals.



A group mentorship experience where you will spend a month learning with 5 other likeminded photographers from around the world. Each week you will participate in mentorship calls, where you'll have the opportunity to get dedicated support and personalized feedback on whatever you need that week — navigating client situations, income source brainstorming, pitching help, portfolio review, etc. You'll also get to learn from the experiences of other members, making this a truly unique and powerful experience blending mentorship and community.


A powerful month together with Carly strategically working towards your goals and building the life you envision for yourself. You'll begin with a long call to understand your ideal lifestyle, client goals, financial targets and more. We do a deep dive through your portfolio, pitching techniques, communication style and make sure they're all strong. From there, we create a development plan to help your hit your client and financial goals and offer daily support through text, voice message and calls to make sure you're taking bold steps towards a new future.


For all details and inquiries, please reach out to us directly at [email protected] — we will let you know when the next available space is.



I began my photography career with a $25 film camera that I bought second-hand. I was working as an accountant in Canada and had no idea how that little camera would go on to change my life.

Since then, I've earned over $1 million in photography revenue, shot covers for magazines like Harper's Bazaar, worked with clients like Tiffany & Co, all while living in Europe and connecting with inspiring artists. Everything I've learned a long the way, from the big topics down to the nuanced details, is waiting for you inside The Academy.

The program has helped thousands of photographers around the world see their potential, create opportunities, and build businesses they love. The road is not always easy, but it's worth it. If you have a feeling there is more waiting for you out in the world, then dive in and let's build it together.