Build Your Dream Life With Your Camera


The secret program and community that has helped thousands of photographers around the world quit their 9-5 jobs, book brand campaigns, shoot for major magazines and build a life of adventure and freedom. 


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Build Your Dream Life With Your Camera

The secret program and community that has helped thousands of photographers around the world quit their 9-5 jobs, book brand campaigns, shoot for major magazines and build a life of adventure and freedom. 

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What Is The Modern Photography Academy? 

This is more than a photography program  this is about using your camera to change your life. Leave your 9-5. Travel to Italy and work with brands you love. Wake up without an alarm clock. Earn more from one photoshoot than in one month at a regular job. Get lost in new countries. Make memories with people who inspire you. This is about using your camera to make the most of the one life we get. 

Our program covers hundreds of essential topics that have helped emerging photographers work with clients like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, L'Officiel, Free People, Anthropologie, Roxy, Billabong, Estee Lauder and hundreds more.

It doesn't matter what kind of camera you have, where you live, or how much experience you have. If you feel in your heart that there is more waiting for you out in the world, this program is for you.

What Is Covered?

This is not a generic course about how to use your camera or how to build a website. This program completely peels back the curtain on the industry and shows you exactly how to begin booking jobs with clients you love, working with magazines, traveling the world and earning 6 figures. 

We dive deep into industry secrets and hierarchies, branding and social media, film photography, concept development and pitching, pricing and negotiation, professional photoshoot production, getting published in international magazines, developing multiple income streams for financial stability, building relationships with industry decision makers, developing an elevated brand, and hundreds of other core topics.

Plus, we go into all the fun things like designing your dream life, booking campaigns in countries you want to visit, shooting backstage at fashion week, moving abroad and more.

Secret Community

This program attracts the most talented and interesting photographers. Our members are working with the biggest brands and magazines around the world and everyone is so kind and supportive to each other— offering advice, trading secrets, assisting each other. When you join The Academy, you will receive an invitation to join us in our secret community.

Expert Interviews

Inside our community, we have a library of expert interviews from people who are currently at the top of the industry — and we don't just gloss over big topics, we get into the details. Learn about pitching from the Global Head Of Creative Marketing at Anthropologie. He talks about how the industry has shifted recently, what the looks for when hiring new photographers, who to send pitches to, mistakes to avoid and how to stand out.

Learn from a senior model agent at one of the biggest agencies in London representing some of the most famous supermodels in the world. She shares how to build relationships with agencies, how to book models for professional and creative projects, who gets paid, how usages work for complex projects and much more.

Learn from a journalist at Vogue Scandinavia and producer at Elle about how to build your career in this industry with no connections, how to build your brand, how to get your foot in the door with international magazines and how to carve your own path forward.

Learn from photographers like Mikkel Kristensen, who defied the odds and without any experience or money, built Marqì, a boutique art hotel where British Vogue shot their latest cover with Karlie Kloss. 

+ interviews from our member photographers who have shot for Vogue, Elle, Roxy, Billabong, Triangl and more — they lay out their processes, mistakes, fears, successes, tips and secrets.

Who we spend time with shapes our beliefs about what is possible. Having a strong community of expansive and supportive thinkers and dreamers is essential to success.



Our Mission

It is our goal to provide you with a photography education experience that is more useful than a 4 year photography degree, at a price that is less than 1% of what traditional school costs. The world is shifting. You do not need to spent years in school, going into debt, investing 20k into equipment, assisting other photographers for years. 

Through our comprehensive lessons, case studies and interviews, you will gain everything you need to develop the confidence and skills to begin booking 5-figure photoshoots with brands you actually love, in places you want to travel to. 

The Details

When you register, you immediately get access to the full Modern Photography Academy. 

This program is designed to be flexible — everyone who joins has a busy schedule. All materials are created fresh each year and pre-recorded so you can conveniently access them at your own pace. You also get lifetime access to all course materials. This is not like regular school — you set the pace. No one will be forcing you to hand in assignments and there are no deadlines. You do not need to be available at specific times throughout the week.

Access the lessons whenever is convenient for you, then come to the community to chat about the topics, receive answers to your questions and get support as you elevate to new levels.

The Price

$525 USD

1 Payment

The Academy is valued at more than $10,000. 

This program has helped photographers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars and unlock major opportunities with the largest brands and magazines in the world.


When you register, you'll receive —

  • Immediate access to all program lessons and materials
  • Invitation to our graduate community where you will learn from industry experts and meet other members

Note - the community is $30\month


Split It Into Two Payments

$275 USD

2 Payments

The Academy is valued at more than $10,000. 

This program has helped photographers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars and unlock major opportunities with the largest brands and magazines in the world.


When you register, you'll receive —

  • Immediate access to all program lessons and materials
  • Invitation to our graduate community where you will learn from industry experts and meet other members

Note - the community is $30\month


Words From Members

"I'm in Mallorca shooting a campaign for Free People and a story for Rollacoasta Magazine. It's exactly the type of work I dreamed about before taking your course, and I really could not have done it without you. It's seriously amazing what you are doing."

- JJ, The UK

"I recently shot a project for Vogue Russia. I think about the first time I messaged you about the program to where I am now, and I'm always going to be saying thank you for your authenticity, sincerity and wisdom".

- Billy H, LA


"I've taken more photography workshops than I care to say. The combined effort of them is absolutely nothing compared to what you've created with The Modern Photography Academy. You've created something far beyond a photography course. The details, the care, and personality intertwine to make something uniquely special"
- Dwayn, The UK

A Deeper Look Into What Is Covered Inside The Academy

Building a photography career requires a broad range of knowledge, a dynamic skillset and a window into how the industry works. Until now, this information hasn't been available for photographers. With over 5000 members worldwide, we know what works. The program is built fresh each year and takes into account the ever changing obstacles and opportunities for photographers today.

The reason there are hundreds of positive testimonials for this program is because we go beyond just the technical skills. You learn how to transform your life through photography. You learn to build a career that fills you up with passion, you learn to tap into your potential and carve out a path to the top on your own terms. 

 It's impossible to list everything we cover inside The Academy but here's a start 

Photography Skills And Analog Technical Training

The industry is trending towards natural, authentic images. Film photography is especially in demand. For photographers interested in working with film photography, there is a full course on film photography inside The Academy. This will allow you to instantly create images that are worthy of brand campaigns and magazine editorials. You will create your own photography philosophy, develop a strong workflow and a confidence to work with clients at any level. You will discover the principles of a strong image, how to acquire designer clothes for styling, how to get access to beautiful locations, and more. 

You'll learn technical skills, directing models, finding the perfect light, camera and film selection and more. If you're not a film photographer, don't worry. There's plenty in this section for you too. We dive into how many professional images were created from start to finish. This module makes The Academy suitable for beginners. You will learn everything you need to begin creating images at the top level.

Creating An Aesthetic That Brings In Clients

Learn how to create a strong brand identity as a photographer. Position yourself as an expert — even if you don't feel like it yet. Develop a consistent photography aesthetic that puts you on the radar of your favorite brands and makes it an easy decision to hire you.

Get secret advice from brand directors and photography agents that will allow you to stand out and create a fresh aesthetic that feels both authentic to you and is attractive to your ideal clients. there's a common misconception that you need to shoot "a little bit of everything" to book work, but it's the opposite. The high-paying jobs come when you clarify your aesthetic. 

Pitching Your Work And Landing Dream Jobs

Stop posting on Instagram and waiting for clients to contact you. They are waiting for you to share your incredible ideas with them, especially during COVID. Pitching yourself in a way that is attractive to clients is essential to your business — but you have to know who to contact and what to say. Learn to create high value concepts and how to get them in front of the marketing teams at the companies you want to work for.  

Get the framework that has allowed other photographers to book jobs with clients like Free People, Vogue, Elle, Estee Lauder, Urban Outfitters and many others. Brands are looking for new talent to hire and the industry is open to anyone who knows how to navigate it.

Pricing Psychology + Negotiation Strategies

Every photographer who joins the program undercharging at first. On average, the photographers in The Academy are earning $3k - $8k per project. The topic of pricing is by the far the topic that is the most difficult to find information on. The Academy is the only program that will give you an honest, clear picture into what you should be charging.

You will see examples and real numbers. You will learn what other photographers are charging and for what kinds of projects. You'll never worry that you're charging too much and losing projects, or charging too little and leaving money on the table. Not only that, but you will learn to create high value concepts and communicate your value in a way that clients can see your worth. You will learn to negotiate and talk about rates with confidence, you'll learn to price jobs at different levels and more. 

The goal of building a modern photography academy business is that you book a few high-paying jobs per month with brands you love. The rest of the month you're free to travel, rest, create for fun, etc. 

Professional Photoshoot Production And Working In Different Countries

Now more than ever, it's crucial photographers can produce full professional photoshoots for their clients in different locations around the world. The industry has shifted and clients are looking for photographers to bring photoshoots to life on the ground. If you can do this, you can unlock any opportunity for yourself. Learn how to produce photoshoots, bring teams together, navigate travel logistics, model casting, scheduling, negotiation, etc. Get many real life examples of how photoshoots were produced in different countries, step by step. This topic could make or break your career.

Social Media And Modern Network Strategies 

Instagram is more than just a place to share your work. Strategically position yourself as an expert, build an engaged community, inspire others and seek out ideal clients. Learn to build connections with the true decision makers within brands, and nurture those relationships in a way that will open doors, attract opportunities and get you booked on interesting projects.

Learn how to get in the physical room with top industry decision makers and how to show your portfolio in a professional way. Use your camera to access events like shooting backstage at fashion week, and how to use those opportunities to catapult your career. 

Get Published In International Magazines

Learn about how to get published in magazines. Our members have worked with Vogue, ELLE, L'Officiel, and many others. The editorial world is very difficult to break into without the correct information, and The Modern Photography Academy lays it out step by step. 

We dive into how to create editorial concepts, how to reach out to editors, how to produce editorials, bringing teams together, casting models, and more. We answer questions like: should I shoot the editorial first then pitch it? Or should I secure the editorial then shoot it? Who gets paid? How can I book models for editorials? How to get luxury brands to lend clothes? How can I find the right contact information for an editor? And more. There is no feeling like seeing your images on the glossy pages of a magazine.

Creating Multiple Income Streams And Building Wealth

When you work for yourself, the ability to earn money becomes unlimited. The ways you can bring in an income are vast. Inside The Academy, you will develop an entrepreneurial mindset and will create multiple income sources so you never worry about money again. 

We live in an unpredictable world and it's important to earn a consistent income even when you're not photographing. You need to protect yourself financially.

Effective Communication And Client Outreach

Effective communication is a secret weapon as a photographer. You will see real screenshots of client communication. You will see exactly what they're looking for, in their own words. This allows you to communicate with clients in the same language they are using. This shows them you're experienced and they can trust you. They will see you as the solution to their needs. 

You will also learn to source the direct emails of the decision makers inside companies. You need to get your high value concepts in front of the right eyes, and then know how to communicate the value in a way that makes them excited to hire you. You can't just DM a brand or email their general customer service email. There are methods and platforms to directly source the correct contact information. 

You'll also learn to build relationships with top modelling agencies in cities like London and Paris and how to work with them to advance your own career.

Designing A Life Of Passion And Purpose

The beauty of becoming an in-demand professional photographers is that you get to design any lifestyle you want. So, what do you truly want? Where do you want to live? How do you want to spend your days and who with? Do you want to move to Italy and shoot for Vogue on the shores of Capri? Do you want to rent a little apartment in Paris and work backstage at fashion week? You get to decide this, and we can build it together. Life is too short to settle for anything less.

Fashion Industry Hierarchies And Politics

Knowledge is the most difficult thing to collect in this industry. And it's knowledge that separates you from the photographers at the top. Once you have it, the world is yours. It doesn't matter what kind of camera you have, or where you live or how much money you have. Developing a fundamental understanding of the industry and how to navigate it is what will transform your career as a photographer. 

Inside The Academy, you will learn about the untold hierarchies and politics of the industry. You'll learn about the different roles, the systems, the marketing strategies of clients and more. This gives you an unwavering confidence when stepping out into the fashion world. And that confidence is what is magnetic. 

Real Brand and Magazine Case Studies

Go behind the scenes are real photoshoots for clients like ELLE magazine, Costume magazine, Faithfull The Brand, etc. Learn exactly how the jobs were initiated, produced and executed. Discover how to begin creating your own opportunities at this level and avoid wasting time and making costly mistakes. 


Building a photography business that sets you free is about much more than taking beautiful photos, it's about how each of these topics intertwine to give you a level of knowledge and confidence that very few other photographers have. That's why the photographers inside The Academy experience such exciting and dramatic results. 

About The Creator


The Modern Photography Academy was created in 2016 by Canadian photographer Carly Dame who is based in Italy. Each year the program is updated to reflect the unique opportunities and challenges present today. She has worked with clients like L’Officiel, Elle, Costume, by FAR, TRIANGL, Faithfull The Brand, Ralph Lauren, The Kooples and specializes in creative campaigns for clients across Europe. Prior to becoming a professional photographer, Carly worked as a professional accountant for a tech start-up in Canada. Her combined experience in business, technology, fashion photography and entrepreneurship provides a unique and valuable learning experience for photographers. She is self-taught and started her career with a $25 camera from the thrift store. She scaled her photography business to multiple 6 figures within a few years. She has a special ability to help photographers see their potential, make the most out of the equipment they have, and build a life and career that is authentic and passionate. Every student that joins The Modern Photography Academy is given personal attention and guidance in their path to personal success.

More Words From Members

"I wanted to let you know that in the past week I have been booked on my first two paid photography jobs! I honestly couldn't be happier. For not one, but two different brands to reach out and book me on jobs was just incredible. I quoted for both jobs in the way that you taught us and was so nervous that the fee was too high and that they would turn me down - but they didn't blink an eyelid. No questions asked, they just confirmed the job straight away. I honestly couldn't thank you enough. I still can't quite believe how far I have come since completing your course. I am the happiest I have been in the longest time, and I feel like I have purpose. So thank you again."

- Ruby, Australia

"Carly! It's been two months now since I quit my job. I still go back and listen to lessons from The Academy when I am feeling stuck, but lately I haven't been stuck at all! The first month I spent pitching my heart out... September I didn't have to pitch one time. I was booked so consistently and clients were coming to me! My rates have increased so significantly, I really only have to do 2 shoots a month to make the same wage I was working 5 days a week. The most exciting news is that I received a DM while on vacation (I get to vacation whenever I want!) and it was from a brand I've wanted to work with forever. They want me to shoot a project for them. I couldn't believe it. I had spent the day floating in the ocean with no cell service, just enjoying life and thinking about next steps. I get cell service back and I have this DM, along with a DM from a magazine wanting to publish my work! These were both goals I had written down in my journal to achieve"

- Monique, USA

"I have been a fan of your photography for awhile. However, what stands out to me is your incredible perspective and perseverance. The Academy fulfills all necessary components of starting a professional photography business and provides a vast amount of invaluable practical information, along with your personal challenges in the industry, which are such rare resources for photographers to be able to access. Your honesty in sharing your experiences is refreshing and confirms that you are a true leader in this industry. The program has changed the way that I approach so many aspects of my life, in both photography and personally. I really cannot begin to express how grateful I am."

- Lauren S, Canada