I began my photography career with a $25 film camera that I bought second-hand. I was working as an accountant in Canada and had no idea how that little camera would go on to change my life.

Since then, I've earned over $1 million in photography revenue, shot covers for magazines like Harper's Bazaar, worked with clients like Tiffany & Co, all while living in Europe and connecting with inspiring artists. Everything I've learned a long the way, from the big topics down to the nuanced details, is waiting for you inside The Academy.

The program has helped thousands of photographers around the world see their potential, create opportunities, and build businesses they love. The road is not always easy, but it's worth it. If you have a feeling there is more waiting for you out in the world, then dive in and let's build it together.



A core element of The Modern Photography Association is to provide real world, transformative experiences for our members. Whether it's attending a Vogue cover in the south of France, shooting a print editorial on a Greek island or shooting for top designers at a castle in Tuscany, our team is always dreaming up ways to connect our members with the top of the industry. 



Stay in a villa by the sea or a castle in the hills, meet other photographers from around the world, wake up early to journal, shoot for brands and magazines, drink wine under the stars. Our photography retreats are designed to make you feel free and alive, while giving you access to exclusive opportunities to connect with high level clients. 



Create Your Best Work

Our photography experiences are more than a photography retreat or workshop - this is about lifting up your energy and helping you reach a new level both creatively and professionally. This experience is about giving you the location, resources, styling and connections to create images that will set your photography career on a new trajectory. Each photographer will receive personalized guidance and mentorship throughout our time together and we will all leave the experience as lifelong friends.


Keep your eyes peeled for our next adventure. We are always using all our connections to bring you an experiencse that will elevate your career and spark your passion and creativity. Wake up with the Mediterranean sun streaming into your villa room, journal under lemon trees, discuss life and dreams with other photographers, adventure with professional models while taking photos for a magazine, get lost in an ancient culture, swim under the stars and fall in love.