Welcome to The Modern Photography Academy — the leading program that has helped thousands of photographers globally build careers working with top clients like VOGUE, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, ODDA, Loewe, Tiffany & Co, Free People, Anthropologie, Cult Gaïa, Guest In Residence and countless others. 


The life of a modern photographer looks like spending a week shooting a campaign in the Mediterranean for a brand you love, then flying to Paris and shooting backstage at fashion week. Making more from one photoshoot than in one month at a corporate job. Seeing your images published in the pages of your favorite magazine. Waking up in new countries and journalling with your coffee about upcoming projects. Moving abroad and filling your place with books, plants and art. Setting up different income streams based on your true skills and gifts. Feeling like life has just begun and anything is possible.

The Modern Photography Academy goes beyond just photography and helps you use your camera to design a life of richness, freedom and beauty.



What You Receive —

  • The Academy — all materials, lessons and case studies
  • Direct Support — receive guidance, advice and clear support every step of the way ($3500 value free)
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Through case studies, real examples, lessons and strategies, here is a sample of what is covered —

  • Developing Technical Photography Skills Needed To Shoot For Top Clients
  • Designing An Aesthetic That Is Desirable And Marketable
  • Creating High Value Concepts 
  • Getting Your Work In Front Of Marketing + PR
  • Handling Client Communication
  • Premium Pricing + What You Need To Charge For Different Projects
  • Negotiation Strategies And Getting The Most From Each Project
  • Getting Published In Magazines Like Vogue, ELLE, L'Officiel
  • Production Methods And Bringing To Life Professional Shoots
  • Bringing Industry Teams Together — Models, HMUA, Stylists, Etc
  • Creating And Scaling Income Streams For Financial Security
  • Life Design And Achieving Personal Success
  • Industry Knowledge And Secrets To Give You The Competitive Edge
  • Shooting Abroad And Getting Books On Jobs In Dream Locations
  • Shooting At Fashion Week And Getting In The Room With Top Industry Leaders
  • Social Media And Creating An Engaged Audience
  • Bookkeeping, Taxes, Invoicing, Contracts

Knowledge is the most difficult thing to collect as a photographer. Once you have it, the world is yours. The Modern Photography Academy has helped thousands of photographers across the world build successful businesses, while saving them years of costly mistakes and stress. 



It is our mission to provide you with a photography education and experience that is more relevant to the modern world than a traditional photography degree, at a price that is less than 1%. With over 1000 photographers completing The Academy, we know what works.

  • THE ACADEMY is a digital program — you can join from anywhere
  • The program lasts for 1 month and you will receive new materials every 3 days
  • You do NOT need to be available at certain times during the week — all lessons are pre-recorded so you can access them when convenient for you
  • You will join our private community and will receive unlimited support during the month
  • You will have lifetime access to all materials, case studies, lessons. etc.

Through our comprehensive lessons, you will gain everything you need to develop the confidence and skills to begin booking photoshoots with brands you actually love, in places you want to travel to. 



I began my photography career with a $25 film camera that I bought second-hand. I was working as an accountant in Canada and had no idea how that little camera would go on to change my life.

Since then, I've earned over $1 million in photography revenue, shot covers for magazines like Harper's Bazaar, worked with clients like Tiffany & Co, all while living in Europe and connecting with inspiring artists. Everything I've learned a long the way, from the big topics down to the nuanced details, is waiting for you inside The Academy.

The program has helped thousands of photographers around the world see their potential, create opportunities, and build businesses they love. The road is not always easy, but it's worth it. If you have a feeling there is more waiting for you out in the world, then dive in and let's build it together.